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Hello. I am Abhir Joshi, came into existence on stardate 31415.9 near Bombay in India, a country on a planet named Earth in a solar system which is an incredibly small part of a huge galaxy called the Milky Way, existing in the Virgo Super Cluster of galaxies that forms a small part of our observable universe.

Nevertheless, here I am. The primary areas of my interest are Computers, Astronomy, Electronics and more recently, economics & politics!

For a major portion of my professional career I have worked on demux firmware for Set-Top boxs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it. It is very addictive. I also had stints with working on OpenMAX & writing MPEG2 Transport stream muxing and demuxing libraries. It has been quite a learning experience. Tools software development and automation are my recent interests.

In my spare time I have worked on writing programs for fun. Building electro-mechanical models was my hobby. In the last two decades, I have done several hobby projects. Here are some of them.

Electro-Mechanical models

In the mid to late 90s and early 2000s, I made several electromechanical models. Most were for fun. A couple of astronomical models turned out to be popular with the general public that came to the star parties of the astronomy club.

Total Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse model was made in the year 2001 and was intended to show the different phases of a total solar eclipse. The model was intended to look as close as possible to a real eclipse and try to give the observer the excitement that is felt during a real total solar eclipse.

Sun, Moon and Earth System

The Sun, Moon and earth system was probably THE most popular working model that I have ever made. It is an educational model intended to teach various phenomenon associated with the sun, moon and the earth. An hour long demonstration of this model would clear lots of concepts such as the cause of solar and lunar eclipses, 6 month long days and nights on poles, precision motion of the earth and many more.


Over the last decade and a half I have written several computer programs right from small games such as Tetris and paddle ball to 3D visualization software for the solar system and various engineering concepts such as Fourier transforms, integration & derivatives, etc. I have lost track of may of the smaller programs written earlier in the days, but some of them are accessible. I haven't worked on any of those hobby programming projects for at least a few years now. Nonetheless, here are some of those that I can remember!

Discrete Fourier Transform

When I was doing my engineering, I found it difficult to understand Fourier transforms. I think most people find it difficult. So when I understood the concept, I decided to write a program that can be used to explain this concept in a much easier way to students.

I was bitten by the 3D bug back in late 90s. I started with writing small programs to transform a given point with x, y, z co-ordinations into x & y co-ordinates on a given projection plane. And then it was like an addiction. I kept adding more features till I got a small 3D projection library. Based on that library, I wrote an application to visualize the solar system; especially the interactions of the earth and moon leading to solar and lunar eclipses.

Universe 3D simulator

This is a graphical 3D simulation of the orbital mechanics of the planetary motion in the solar system and galaxy. It specifically concentrates on the phenomenon related to the sun, moon and the earth.

Klystron Amplifier

This program shows the electron 'bunching' mechanism in the cavity of a klystron amplifier.

Antenna Radiation Patterns

This program shows the full and cross section view of the radiation patterns for broadside array and long wire resonant antenna.

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