Antenna Radiation Patterns

Initially this was a standalone program written for DOS using Turbo C++, but now it is a part of a bigger project named Impulse. It is a GTK+ based program that uses OpenGL to plot 3D radiation patterns for different types of antennas like Long Wire Resonant antenna, Broad Side Array and End Fire Array. For a long wire resonant antenna, the change in the radiation pattern due to change in the length of the antenna can be observed. The length can be varied in multiples of λ/2. For the arrays, the number of isotropically radiating array elements can be varied and its effect on radiation pattern can be observed.

While running on DOS, it used SVGA BGI driver to run at 1024x768. It was able to draw the full and sectional 3D views of the different antennas in the form of a grid surface. It used the 3D rendering equations derived by me for the 3D simulation program Universe. Around the same time, I had written a program to plot the horizontal pattern of a 2 element phased array. By pressing a key the user could change the phase angle by small increments and could instantaneously see its effect on the radiation pattern. The change of the direction of the major lobe along with the phase angle could be clearly seen. Phased array will soon be added to the new program.

Some more antennas like yagi antenna, helical antenna, etc. will be added to the program later.

The program will also be developed to design antennas meeting the given requirements.


Download the program from here
The program requires GTK+ runtime environment on Windows. You can download it here

Fig. 1: Cross section view of the radiation pattern due to a long wire resonant antenna of length 5 * & lambda/2. The antenna is placed vertically at the center of the pattern.

Fig. 2: Cross section view of the radiation pattern due to a broad side array with 5 isotropically radiating elements. Assume the elements are placed along a vertical line at the center of the pattern.